SMS-Timing Remote

sms-timing remote

Control your races from anywhere.

We get it. As a pit marshal you prefer to spend as much time on the track as possible, without having to work with a mouse and keyboard too much.

Plus, there are all the different systems to keep up with: the lights and slowdown system have their own remote, and then you still need to start the race...

That is why we made our software remote controllable. This remote combines all of these functions in one sturdy package.


So what can it do?

Emergency mode activation

With one push of a button, the emergency mode gets activated in our software. This slows down the karts and turns on your warning lights.

Race control

Starting, finishing, pausing, restarting a race... it's all possible. You can even give blue flags & disqualifications to certain drivers.

Custom actions

Long press on one of the top row buttons to activate a function of your own choice in the software.

Full control of your lights

In combination with our light control box, you can control up to 8 channels of lights, and even trigger a start light sequence from the remote.

Slowdown integration

We wanted no compromise when making our remote, so it works as fast as the normal slowdown remote. You can slow down karts individually or all together.