Case study


Kerkrade, The Netherlands
Multi-activity center

Powerarea is a multi-activity center that, aside from karting, also offers paintball and escape rooms. Our karting track is especially designed to spectacularly race through the corners at high speeds. The circuit contains a number of unique curves and multiple long straight track sections in order to make the most of the power of our electric karts.

  • 38 karts
  • Indoor track
  • Open 363 days a year
  • 6 drift karts
Powerarea - Kerkrade
Powerarea - Kerkrade
Powerarea - Kerkrade
Powerarea - Kerkrade

Before SMS-Timing

Our goal was to work towards a system where 80% of all payments consist of prepayments for all activities. We partnered with SMS-Timing after 2 visits to their headquarters and a clear demo, because they seemed to be more innovative than the competition among things like the extensive support, the accessibility, the look and feel and efficiency of the FAST 5 software (especially the booking) and the event subscription tool.

During the installation

The system was neatly installed and delivered. The installation was prepared very well and SMS-Timing gave us some good tips for the opening of our center. Since it was the first time for all employees to work with a POS system in a go-kart track or behind the bar, this was really helpful. The overall training SMS-Timing provided was very good. They also took care of the whole IT process: cabling, PCs, TV's... During the opening we needed an extra bar PC because of the unexpected crowds, which SMS-Timing took care of for us. The only problem we had in the beginning is that the kart timer transponders didn't function properly, but they fixed this quickly by switching to a different brand of transponders.

With SMS-Timing

Our account manager stopped by a few times in the weeks after the installation to see how everything was going and to provide us with some more tips. And even today he still stops by regularly, and the quick support and quick answering of simple questions helps a lot! We feel very satisfied and appreciated as SMS-Timing customers.

Powerarea - Kerkrade
Powerarea - Kerkrade
Powerarea - Kerkrade

"The overall training SMS-Timing provided was very good. Moreover, they also gave us some good tips for the opening of our center and came by several times to assist us even more. This was really helpful to us."

- Jaron Snijckers, General Manager -

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