SMS-Timing booking software


The Booking software has been especially designed for rental karting.
It contains a ticketing system that allows you to control karting track access.
At the same time, it also manages other activities that need ticketing.


This software can be used with a touch screen for easier access. It can control member card readers, cash drawers and ticket printers. It can guide all financial transactions to avoid cheating and it can obtain all information necessary to close down the registers after a busy day.


Ticketing system

Ticketing can be done for karting and other activities. Simply enter the person’s name and as soon as he/she pays, all information is automatically sent to other posts. Drivers are notified by displaying their names on the TV screens. The Booking software also sends the necessary information such as driver names and session set-ups to the timing software. This way, they are already set up in the system when the drivers arrive at the track.

Barcode scanners can also be used in case Pay ‘n Go is more suitable for your karting’s people flow: your center is very busy or your staff cannot take care of every driver. When a ticket is sold, your customers can go on the track when they want or as soon as go-karts are available. The track marshal simply needs to scan the ticket and these drivers are registered in the timing software for their session. This way, you can run several sessions at the same time all day long.


Member management


Our membership system is based on a member card that can be used to subscribe drivers into a race. Based upon different membership categories, you can apply discounts or set pricing. It contains an extended payment module where you can decide for how much a product can be bought using prepaid credits, earned bonus points or even your own currency! The main advantage of having money on card is to soften the spending feeling. Your customers will be more willing to buy drinks or invite friends for a race. They can also recharge online. A complete history of all member transactions is kept for later statistics.

The registration of each member is done at the Kiosk or via your website through the online Kiosk. The profile of each member is instantly sent to the Booking software. Then, you simply have to sell a card to each person, which is an easy few-second operation.


Retail software for kartingThanks to our retail software, you can sell food and beverages with accounts and at kitchen or bar printers. Features like discounts, stock control and users that control the system are, among others, a brick that makes our software as powerful as it is. Products are ordered through a page/button system where, through an easy configuration module, you can choose which page contains which buttons (products) and appears on which cash register.



Reservation software for kartingMaking a reservation for any activity in your business is easy with the reservation system.

Customers are easily booked thanks to the recording button. For instance, managing 50 people in different activities is not a problem.

Pre-race settings can be applied and even a complete financial preparation from offer to invoice is one of the possibilities. You can jump to day, week, or month overviews in a snap.


Cashless payment: a secure process

The cashless payment solution of SMS-Timing will secure your center! It prevents fraud and theft thanks to the elimination or reduction of cash on site. Your employees will have less responsibility as they are not manipulating notes and coins any more.

In addition, the use of such a system will encourage impulsive purchases such as drinks, food, more karting sessions, laser games and any other activities your center has to offer (our Booking software manages all of this). Loyalty points can be accumulated by buying sessions and products.

Cards can be recharged online thanks to the iNet Gold which improves the people flow on site. Needless to say, the cashless payment with the magnetic card speeds up the purchasing process.

If a card is lost or stolen, the funds are not lost, since all assets are linked to the member in the database. When they are given a new card, all funds can easily be transferred to this one.


Reinforce safety by using the staff login

Would you like to know which employee made a mistake or which one sold well? Then, you should use a login for each employee session. Before selling a ticket, a drink, your employees will have to open their session by:

  • Entering a pin code
  • Entering a login
  • Swiping a magnetic card (recommended)
  • Using an iButton (recommended)
  • Using their fingerprint

You decide when the session closes: after each sale, after xx seconds or after the employee pushes “Log out”.


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