SMS-Timing’s interactive design expert can provide you with a professional briefing movie to explain the track and race rules to your customers. Our movies are based on 3D animations and a standard script that can be modified on demand. Voice-over and subtitles (in any language) are provided.

We offer you two options:

  • Standard briefing movie (between 4 and 5 minutes). Very suitable for events
  • Short briefing movie (around 3.5 minutes). Very suitable for Arrive and Drive sessions

Our karting briefing movie service is also available to non-SMS-Timing software clients.


Human briefing or briefing movie?

There is no good answer! It’s all about how you do it.

Positive points of a human briefing:

  • It’s personal
  • You have full control on your audience
  • You can detect what you have to stress on

Negative points of a human briefing:

  • It can be too harsh, even aggressive
  • It can be too soft, with no impact
  • It can sound boring, if many have been done in a day

 Positive points of a briefing movie:

  • It saves time so your marshal can focus on something else
  • It raises your professionalism

Negative points of a briefing movie:

  • You can’t control the audience’s attention

What we advice is a combination of the 2 ways.
For example, your track marshal warns that he’ll ask 3 questions to the audience after the briefing is played.
If the 3 questions can’t be answered, he’ll play the movie again.

Briefing movie

And don’t forget that you can occasionally play this movie in your club house!

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