E-mail marketing is an essential tool for any karting center. Not being able to reach your customers would be a big mistake! But nowadays, preparing, designing and sending emailings is not as easy as few years ago. Customers are still willing to receive emails, but emails that are targeted to them. Spam filters still allow emails to arrive in the inbox, but not so easily. That’s why we offer this service in order to assure you a high performance level. Better delivery rate directly means more business for your center!

Which contents can you send?

There are many ways you can reach your customers:

  • Invitation: you organize an open endurance? Generate the maximum of teams on your track!
  • Promotion: a special karting offer is prepared for Mondays and Tuesdays? Increase your turnover on these days!
  • Information: the weather was supposed to be bad and it isn’t? Be reactive and let your clients know your outdoor track is open!
  • Newsletters: you want to share more with your clients? Create a monthly newsletter with added-value contents

Our e-marketer specialists can assist you with your emailing campaigns. Want to know the best practices of an e-mailing? Check our Facebook page, “Marketing articles” section.

Go further with your emailings

Because creating an emailing should not be a text sent to your whole database, we offer you several options.

  • Database segmentation to target a certain group of customers.
  • Personalization per recipient
  • Accurate statistics to optimize your campaign
  • A spam check to reduce the number of 'spam-words' in your content
  • Hard-bounced addresses (those that are not valid) can be imported in your Fast software. When you swipe a customer's card, a message will pop up if the email address is invalid. Just ask them for the correct one and improve the quality of your database
  • Dynamic campaigns. We set up, together with you, a marketing strategy around your promotions and events. E-mails can be automatically sent based upon the users click. For example: if you include a paragraph or/and a picture of your laser game, the people who clicked on this topic will receive another e-mail with a special laser promotion/invitation later on.

Only our software customers can take advantage of our emailing platform. We work with a credit system: 1 email address = 1 credit.

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The emailings can be paid with free credits, which you receive by:

  • Being a new software customer
  • Being a software customer (credits every month)
  • Ordering member cards
  • Ordering vouchers
  • Credits can also be purchased directly.

Trigger email marketing: automated e-mails

Would you like that each customer receives an email with a promotion for his birthday? What about sending an email to any customer who did not visit you for a 6-month period? Or when a new customer subscribes at the Kiosk, wouldn’t it be nice and professional to send him an email to notify him of his subscription, reminding him about the advantages he gets with the member card/race license?

All that and even more are automatically possible thanks to the iNet Silver!