We make karting innovative

SMS-Timing is an internationally renowned company that develops the most innovative solutions to run a karting or entertainment center.

Our mission is to provide profitable entertainment solutions to our partners through superior quality software and with the highest personal dedication of 24/7 technical support and development. 

We work on the growth of your entertainment business! 

Our software is designed with two things in mind:

  • Your racing drivers, so that they have the ultimate racing and entertainment experience. 
  • Reducing staff costs through automatization of your business workflow, thus increasing the profitability of your business.

The SMS-Timing Story

A project that started with two people with one idea to almost 30 with a clear vision.
It all started with one single partner in our neighborhood to more than 300 in over 70 countries.

Back in the good old days of DOS and the very first internet connections, there was a young motorsport racing enthusiast named Philippe looking for money to pay his rent when he landed his first job in sales.

Although he was already in a superior position, one day, he decided to leave his comfort zone and started his very own company in software development.

Luckily, he found a like-minded partner who could develop the software, and their DNA got stuck on what SMS-TIMING is today. And so it happened! 

Today we welcome in our company 30 colleagues every day: (web)developers, sales, marketers, and graphic designers.
We work hard not only to develop software for karting & entertainment centers worldwide but also guide, support, and advise all our partners through their daily business to make their lives easier! 

SMS-Timing all over the world

By having 9 different nationalities and backgrounds gives us a competitive advantage, especially when dealing with the international market.

This allows us to have a better understanding of different cultures and environments thus enhancing the creative process for the development of new software solutions for your karting or entertainment center acording to your needs. 

Meet the makers


Adilet Zhumatayev

Sales Repräsentative
Alexander Muylaert SMS Timing

Alexander Muylaert

Chief Technology Officer
Angelina Obolonina SMS Timing

Angelina Obolonina

Software Developer

Bettina Jacobs

Sales Representative
Boyang Xia SMS Timing

Boyang Xia

Sales Representative

Egor Lebediantsev

Software Developer
Jens Van Herck SMS Timing

Jens Van Herck

Software Developer
Joyce Snijers SMS Timing

Joyce Snijers

Katrien Geukens SMS Timing

Katrien Geukens

Design & Marketing
Michiel Pauwels SMS Timing

Michiel Pauwels

Software Installer
Miguel Suarez SMS Timing

Miguel Suarez

Internal sales / Account manager
Misha Obolonin SMS Timing

Misha Obolonin

Software Developer
Niek Jacobs SMS Timing

Niek Jacobs

Support Manager
Philippe van Elst SMS Timing

Philippe van Elst

Roberta Sabatos SMS Timing

Roberta Sabato

Client Success Manager
Robin Van der Velden SMS Timing

Robin Van der Velden

Internal sales / Account manager
Rodrigo Martins SMS Timing

Rodrigo Martins

Marketing Manager
Senne Geerts SMS Timing

Senne Geerts

Software Developer
Slava Platonov SMS Timing

Slava Platonov

Software Developer
Solomon Agbenyegah SMS Timing

Solomon Agbenyegah

Support Engineer
Steve Dekerf SMS Timing

Steve Dekerf

US Market Manager
Tamara Hufkens SMS Timing

Tamara Hufkens

Vladislav Rogachev SMS Timing

Vladislav Rogachev

Mobile Developer