Battaring - Marketing & Online booking can make a real difference!

Battering is a huge outdoor karting center located in the southern outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. It has an eight-shape overpass and tunnel, similar to the Formula 1 race track in Suzuka, with 480 meters long, 5-8 meters wide, fast-paced straight sections, and technical bend combinations. High-quality road surface and enlarged turning corners give a real racetrack atmosphere.

Thanks to our software solution, his business started to be much more successful than before. Because his location is far away from the city center, he used to be very disappointed with the number of visitors. We provided our Marketing services for him with an Automated Email system and Mass Mailing service to improve his interaction with old customers. Also, we helped their website with our online booking system and website plug-ins. Online booking creates more exposure for them before customers arrive at the center while website plug-ins give their website a better look to let them show real-time achievement scores and schedule calendar. 

Company overview

From the lookout terrace, visitors can see the whole track from above, so the spectators can enjoy the racing as well. The track area has been illuminated with high-power halogen lamps, allowing night races to be organized. Our SMS-Timing timing system provided a more innovative experience for customers as in Formula 1- with race results and live time display on HDTV screens to show the whole race progress.

Business Challenge

Before they met our team, their business operation was in a very crude way: registration and administration on papers without any professional timing system and operational software, not to mention any marketing or online access to customers. Even though they provided a very great experience for customers, it was very hard to attract new customers and maintain returned customers.

This is a quality service with State of Art software. 24h/7 support is excellent: Every time I need help, there is somebody available to support me quickly. Also, the Marketing boosters and online booking brought my business much more success. My center revenue increased up to 5 times more than before on a weekend day thanks to the Boosting of Marketing service. I would definitely recommend it!

Balazs Budias
Owner and general manager

Great Cooperation to Success

In 2017, they met SMS-Timing at Offenbach Karting Exhibition. This is a turning point for their business. They chose us simply because of our 24h/7 support: all the competitors in the market are away from the phone during the weekend, which was and still is important for them.

After installation and configuration, they were impressed with our high-quality software. It is way more than what they expected: The software is easy to use and he can do configuration by himself to make flexible changes for reservation and operation. There is no paper missing anymore. He always reads our “Feature Fridays” to keep updated and for him, it’s really interesting.

Moreover, he appreciates our Client Success Program. We treat clients as partners: we don't provide only software or just service, but also providing customized business consulting. We check together the possibilities to optimize their operations, the workflow, improve the marketing strategy and business growth.