Tim Cloosen and Johan Claes are two enthusiastic entrepreneurs with a great love for motorsport.

In 2018 they had the opportunity to take over the business of the previous owner that was already making use of an older version of our software ( Fast 4). 

The Challenge

Before the acquisition of the business, Tim and Johan visited our office so that they could obtain more information regarding the software that was at the time running at Fast Lane Karting Bilzen.

They showed some concern with the investment they were planning to make since the business showed plenty of potential in the region, but the numbers were saying otherwise.

The Approach

We sat down with the ( at the time) new potential owners of Fast Lane Karting Bilzen for a long meeting regarding the track.

After discussing the variables, like their location, target, and business goals, we made a full demonstration of the possibilities that the software could provide to their business.

"To this day, we are still impressed with the level of support and follow-up that SMS-Timing has been giving us from day one until now. "

Johan Claes & Tim Cloosen
Track owners

The Solution

We developed a short-term plan that would consist of the immediate update of the software and a close approach of the account manager.

With the support of the client success program, we traced previous onsite practices that needed to be optimized and started the implementation of new strategies. 

The goal would be that in the short term, a series of actions would be taken to promote the new management, boost the growth of the database, and returning the customers rate, thus increasing the extra revenue.

Kiosk Registration Tool

By optimizing the procedures regarding the kiosk tool and the registration strategy, the new management was able to increase their ten and a half years old database by 26% in just six months.

The average number of new registrations per month has five folded, leading to increasing the extra revenue as a result of selling membership licenses.

 Kiosk Registration Tool

"  Fast Lane Karting Bilzen is, without a doubt, one of our best cases of partners placing into practice our suggestions and know-how of the business."

Robin Van der Velden
Account Manager