Karting de Caen

Karting de Caen exists since 1999 and we have been an SMS-Timing customer since 2012. I am Ludovic Miocque, the general manager, and I have 26 years experience in the karting industry. Before we switched to SMS-Timing we had some experience using Chronelec and AMB.

  • 45 karts
  • Outdoor track
  • Open 365 days a year
  • 3 tracks (550m, 800m and 1100m)
  • Unique in their area
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Our CEO Marc contacted Benjamin after finding the SMS-Timing brochure in the trash.

The former owner had thrown it away! Before SMS-Timing we were doing everything manually and we often forgot to write things down in our calendar which led to mistakes and mix-ups.

Now everything is on the computer. Marc agreed on working together with Benjamin and SMS-Timing really fast.


I remember Benjamin, Michiel, and Pieter who came here to do the installation very well.

They were extremely patient and put great effort in speaking and explaining everything in French. SMS-Timing was very helpful during the period of the project execution. Especially for the technical part. They helped a lot with the computers, the timing equipment and everything else we needed. Marc did not think there were any problems we struggled with during the project execution.

However, the SMS-Timing software and service are fast and more clear than that of other companies and the training SMS-Timing provided was definitely enough to get our business started.

People nowadays are already used to registering by computer so our staff didn’t need a lot of training and our customers are also familiar with the process.


We still consider SMS-Timing helpful in our everyday business because nowadays the customers have changed and they are more “I want it right now” than ever. SMS-Timing is helpful in every aspect. The software runs smoothly and makes our karting center run smoothly too by displaying the customer's pictures next to the kart numbers for example.

We now have a lot more returning customers because they get advantages, emails, they save time and they like the improved endurance management. On top of that customers contact us now rather than the other way around.

SMS-Timing is still following us. We didn’t expect them to get into contact with us so regularly and every time they visit they bring us Belgian beer!

Their service is fast and accessible and by being a client of this innovative company I feel like I get younger every year!