Karting Jerez

Our track is located at the Luz Shopping Center, the largest shopping center in the province of Cadiz, Spain. At our facilities, you will find the latest in driver safety gear to provide our customers with the best karting experience.

  • Indoor Track - 400 meters
  • Outdoor Track - 200 meters
  • Open 365 days a year
  • Sodikart GT5 
  • Kart Adapted for people with disabilities ( Steering wheel controls for accelerator and brake, 3-anchor-point seatbelt, and protective rollover bars)
  • Sodikart Funkid
  • Sodikart RX7 (Double seater)
Case-SMS-Timing-Karting-Jerez-02 Case-SMS-Timing-Karting-Jerez-03 Case-SMS-Timing-Karting-Jerez-04


When I look back to the days before we had SMS-TIMING, our ticket control was a real headache. Back then, I was working as a track Marshall and it was real chaos. Lucky, those days are long gone. The SMS system is very intuitive and also easy to use and implement on our Karting Center.

I can't imagine myself working without SMS-TIMING again.


After more than 8 years with SMS-TIMING, I still remember the perfect installation. 

We did it in our busiest period of the year, and together we worked really hard to make it happen, it was a really smooth transition from the previous system, I can't remember a single issue that the staff was not able to quickly fix.

In the end, even we had time to enjoy some good moments with SMS staff.


SMS is always ahead of competitors by delivering the best solutions.

With SMS-TIMING we were able to reduce our staff number. The operations process is a lot more effective and our customers can now enjoy a better racing experience with the live timing results.

One other thing that we enjoy about SMS-TIMING is that, their representatives are always in touch with us, and ready to give us a hand, either making a new email campaign or working on a new software update with new features.

They are the best Karting Management System in the market, and we are very proud to have SMS-TIMING on our track!

"SMS-Timing is always ahead of competitors by delivering the best solutions." 

Jose Santaliestra
General Manager