Marlon Kart


MarlonKart is a project of Jose Ibáñez Ibáñez, a man with a passion for go-karting, a sport that has been a part of his life from an early age. 

In 1980 he decided to make a living of his passion, and MarlonKart was born.  A 700 meters track surrounded by a beautiful pine tree forest and home for a large number of championships throughout the years.


The Challenge

With the fast development of the go-kart entertainment industry in the past decade, MarlonKart felt it was the right time to work to improve their work methods and their customers' experience at the track. 

As part of the transition, MarlonKart decided to work towards a new workflow during the busiest days of the week, to enhance the growth of its database, and its usage to improve its returning customers' rate.

“I’m more than satisfied with the provided service, SMS-TIMING is the best product on the market.”

Patricia Falco
Track Manager

The Approach

Like in all-new partnerships developed with SMS-TIMING, a long meeting took place in their office in Spain to provide an in-depth understanding of both parts on what path to follow for a long-lasting and profitable partnership.

Several factors were taken under consideration, like location, the number of go-karts, and current numbers to provide the best prevision of the future with SMS-TIMING and align the strategy with our partner's goals.

“ The installation went smoothly, and according to plan, Marlon Kart is one of our most successful installation cases, demonstrating a quick understanding of the software possibilities  and openness to our recommendations.”

Miguel Suarez
Account Manager, Iberian Peninsula

The Roll-Out 

The plan for the installation of SMS-TIMING software was rolled-out and closely followed-up by our account and manager and IT department to guarantee that all staff could operate the software.

We worked together in all necessary details to guarantee that all goals that were previously defined could be reached.