Vandel Gokart

Vandel Gokart is a family-run company that has been around since 2004. With large experience in the go-karting industry, we have been constantly developing to create the best possible experience for our guests.

  • Track of 900 meters
  • 20 Karts for dry weather
  • 20 karts for rainy weather
  • 8 Junior Karts
Case-SMS-Timing-Vandel-Gokart-01 Case-SMS-Timing-Vandel-Gokart-02 Case-SMS-Timing-Vandel-Gokart-03 Case-SMS-Timing-Vandel-Gokart-04 Case-SMS-Timing-Vandel-Gokart-05


Before SMS-TIMING we were feeling the need for a system with a lot more functionalities for both our customers and ourselves as a business.

We wanted to be able to excite our customers with great and good-looking technology, and we recognized in the SMS-TIMING team a first-mover focus, which is the same way we run our business.


Everything was really well prepared when the two very friendly and skilled people from SMS-Timing started the installation.

A close business relation was founded during the installation. We found challenges during the setup of the system but, the SMS-Timing quickly found a way through it to totally fit our needs.

They developed new features that we're able to fit our business and the way we do things, and they did it quickly and satisfyingly.  It was a great plus that the system could be fitted to our business and our way of working instead of us having to change our working procedures to fit the system.


SMS-Timing provides a service that matches our expectations and focuses to provide a professional experience with rental karting.

We can provide events for our customers that run smoothly from start to finish, entertaining and stimulating them in the best possible way during their visit.

We are partners for more than 6 years now and we still find the service level high as always and have never been left unsupported or at least always informed on task time schedule due to bigger adjustments of the software.

 “With SMS-Timing we are supported in all our needs to focus on what is most important for us - our customers and running our business.”

Thomas Jørgensen
General Manager