Are you looking for a new timing system, safety system, led board, or other rental karting related hardware?

You're in the right place. We sell hardware from Mylaps, De Haardt, and more. From loops and transponders to lights and receipt printers, we definitely have something you might need.

Not a software client? It's okay, you can still buy hardware from us. Some advantages include:

  • Local taxes exemption since it is an international transaction.

  • You can rely on us for any warranty concern.

Check out the hardware we offer and contact us for a personalized offer!


Mylaps is the state-of-the-art hardware supplier when it comes to timing. Their special rental karting solution uses fixed transponders for less maintenance and reliable, accurate timing.

We always have stock of Mylaps most commonly used components such as transponders, servers, decoders, and loops.

De Haardt 

De Haardt is our go-to provider when it comes to slowdown systems.

Slowdown systems increase the safety in heats for you and your customers. With the De Haardt system, you can slow down or shut down a particular kart or the entire heat all at once. Providing added safety for example at the end of a race.

We have De Haardt transponders, remote controls, and Xtra.Black boxes with which you can add extra features to your track.

Learn more about the possibilities when using slowdown systems here.


The positioning hardware is needed to work along with the Fast Positioning system by SMS-Timing. The hardware for this system includes antennas and transponders. There is no need for a loop!

It works with a grid of antennas that can triangulate the positioning transponders. When installed it is precise enough to run timing and real-time positioning of the karts.

When using the positioning system for timing, you can assign new sectors without changing any hardware. Learn more about how the system works and the advantages here.


QR scanners and receipt printers

Manage and keep track of barcodes and print receipts with our offers.

With Epson's TM-T88, you get the world's most successful thermal receipt printer. It has a high printing speed and is extremely reliable. 

A  wireless QR scanner provides a more flexible solution for employees, being greatly useful especially if they are always on the go! This can be track marshalls, mechanics or anyone needing a QR scanner mobile enough to be used anywhere.

QR scanners and receipt printers

Led boards

SMS-Timing can provide timing led board solutions for indoor as well as outdoor karting tracks.

Suited to your personal needs, we can supply your karting center with high-quality scoreboards.

When you connect them to the timing software, they allow your drivers and other customers to follow lap times and driver positions. They improve the experience of customers on your track!

Led boards

Interested? We are more than happy to answers your questions or to place an order for you.