We are a rapidly growing SME with international activities. We serve karting centers business to make the operation easy and the activities fun! With our software solutions and technically advanced products, karting centers are able to get reliable and secure timing data, more marketing-related services such as sharing scores via social media, online booking, and mobile app. 


Company background

Business & Marketing Improvement NV, in Geel Belgium, is a successful SaaS (Software as a Service) supplier in the leisure industry. Over the past 20 years, the company has acquired a leading position within the karting and entertainment industry. Their brand SMS-Timing ( has been recognized as the best-in-class solution for Karting centres worldwide. Its all-in-one software helps these centres to optimize their full operational flow from registration, booking, scheduling, selling, self-service, managing and reporting. By capturing all relevant visitor data, enriching these with event, activity and spending data, it provides an optimal CRM fundament for marketing segmentation and automation. The added value of the software and services to the centres is very significant, both on cost and top-line level.

The business is evolving fast with leisure centres evolving into multi-activity centres and single venues being consolidated in groups and franchises. The software and services are well-positioned to serve other activities beyond karting in the family entertainment area. In order to support this move, the company has launched a new brand and proposition: BMI Leisure ( The company has recently won two major accounts of 36 (karting originated multi activity) and 18 (trampoline park) venues respectively.


What we would like you to bring

  • Passion for software and IT
  • Specialized in developing the web
  • Willing to work in an international environment and enjoy traveling
  • Do not have a 9-5 mentality and do not mind working on weekends occasionally
  • Feel responsible for getting good results when you start a project
  • Flexible, No-nonsense, Innovative, Problem solving, Passionate


Job Highlights

  • Writing website code with programming languages such as HTML, CSS, SASS, and JavaScript to create new components, modules, pages, and experiments.

  • Our website will be your baby and you will help with the development of our webshop: understanding of key website design principles and creating tools that enhance the user's website experience.

  • The web tools of our software will also become your playground

  • Continuously prototype new ideas with the expectation that these prototypes will become live code quickly.

  • Responsible for the independent creation of technical solutions and design and delivering that solution through documentation and code.

  • Turning complex customer demands and requests into simple and engaging features, solutions, and products.

  • You take part in international sprints to support the development team


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