Rebuild your customers flow to the new contactless standards

We know many karting and entertainment centers are facing a period of uncertainty. However, we have also seen so many great initiatives in the entertainment business: complete new track designs, freshly installed online booking tools… 

One thing's for sure: The entertainment industry is full of flexible and creative professionals!

And we have good news for you: our SMS-TIMING applications are fully prepared for the changing future of contactless solutions!

The importance of contactless solutions in your center

It’s no surprise that you will need to combine various channels, media, and technology to welcome your customers. The pressure and competition have increased significantly. 

But it is equally important that you can reassure them of their personal hygiene and social distancing while they are using these technologies. And that's where we can help you:

  • No physical contact with your staff

  • No touch screens (and no extra staff to disinfect them)

  • No papers or pens to be touched

  • No printed race results

Make sure your customers feel safe and comfortable at all times! No idea where to start? We will help you.

Add an online booking tool to your website

Let's begin with the beginning: let your customers book and pay for their activities at your website with the help of our transparent and intuitive online booking tool.

  • Your customers will book and pay online

  • Everything will be settled before they enter your business, including vouchers and gift cards

  • Physical contact with your receptionist is not needed

Let your customers handle their registration

Once your customers completed their booking on your website, they automatically receive a confirmation email with a link to register. They will fill out their contact details (which is great for your database) and digitally sign your terms and conditions. 

No need to subscribe to a physical kiosk in your business, everyone can do it on their own pc or mobile phone!

Organizers can share this link via email, phone, WhatsApp… so every participant will be registered before they enter your business. 

Scan and go!

The confirmation email also contains a QR code. The receptionist scans the QR via the booking tool or mobile assistant to add your customers to the reservation. 

And... you're done! Your clients can enjoy a relaxed moment with their friends and family.

After the race, they will receive the race results via email and/or in the mobile app.

What's more?

Don't miss the opportunity to set up a mobile app as an excellent contactless solution. Our mobile app handles everything:

  • Direct messaging
  • Registration
  • Online booking
  • Race results
  • ...

Your customers will be impressed by the endless opportunities.

Sounds good?

Let’s team up to bring an unforgettable experience to your business, right from the start.