Days templates & Schedules

Templates & Schedules

With all the added platforms to the eco-system, it became very hard to manage all different opening hours. When will I allow booking at the reception, when will the online booking be open, when can people use the smart kiosk.

Can I configure holiday templates, can I mark days as closed, others as open or just open, but not for customers. For example stock counting, maintenance, …

Starting from version, yes, the first one of the new year, a new feature day templates are added to the planning mechanism.

Once you have configured your day templates and linked them to the setups, you can use and reuse as much of them. The advantage of this is that you can make last-minute changes in your calendar without changing periods, setups, … Just set the day from “open” to “closed” and the entire system will know what schedule to use for that day.