Endurance Racing: Organizing the Ultimate Race Event


There’s karting and then there’s KARTING: Die-hard racing fans know that endurance racing is the ultimate event for the sport’s most enthusiastic fans.

Regular racing vs. and endurance racing

Typical races normally involve several individual drivers competing against each other over relatively short distances. In contrast, endurance racing features multi-person teams of racers who cover long distances in a single event. Much like a ‘relay race’, participants drive a specified number of laps or distance before the next racer continues the team’s progress.

How are endurance races set up?

Endurance races can be organized to cover a set distance as quickly as possible, or the greatest distance over a predetermined amount of time. Considered to be the most extreme karting event, they are the ultimate test of driver stamina.

Endurance racing boosts profits and widens your market


If you expect your karting facilities to compete well on the market, your center needs to feature endurance racing. Why?

  1. They’re more profitable than typical races: More racers, more time = greater entrance revenue and more upselling opportunities to spectators and participants, such as refreshments throughout the race time.
  2. It helps your karting center market itself as a leader: By offering events sought-after by the sport’s most devoted aficionados, your track becomes the go-to venue on the market. 

No expensive equipment or complicated software required

Following a simple software integration within karting centers’ existing tech infrastructure, our easy-to-use interface makes organizing endurance races a straightforward process:

  • Create/import teams

  • Assign team pilots – Know who’s racing when with a simple one-time import.
  • Easily change pilots – With simple data entry or barcode scanner.
  • Manage pit in/pit out area – Set & control the frequency and duration of each team’s stops.

  • Enact warnings, penalties & safety car – Keep racers and spectators informed with the click of a button via a narrator TV system.

Real-time highlights & statistics with Fast TV

With endurance racing, living the experience is everything. our Fast TV pulls your audience into the action with continuous updates on standings, interval times, and gaps for each team.

Your Success, Our #1 Goal

“I would like to extend my gratitude to SMS Timing for their involvement in our 300-miles endurance race event. The race was a success—everything was perfect!”

Javier PĂ©rez
Manager at Henakart

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