Get to know our gamification program!


According to a Harvard Business Review study, an improvement in customer retention just as little as 5%, can augment your profits by up to 95%.

To help you increase your profits, we developed a Gamification program since it is essential to pay attention to your current clients. Rewarding them by preferring your entertainment center over other competitors is a way to do so. 


What is gamification and how can it boost your business?

Gamification is the application of gaming concepts outside of gaming contexts. It is a way to improve the experience of your customers by rewarding them, creating healthy competitiveness, a sense of ownership and accomplishment, and consequently, making them return to your venue more often.

Our software has a complete gamification system. It basically turns a trip to your entertainment center into a game, with career points and achievements to accomplish automatically created by the system for the clients in your database, allowing them to have more fun at your center and afterward receive rewards of your choosing, such as vouchers.

Our achievement offer:

  • has completed a fixed Number of races
  • was 1st in the race 
  • was 2nd in the race
  • was 3rd in the race
  • was last in the race  
  • drove under a specific time (ex. < 40sec)
  • completed a Jackpot time (ex. 40sec)
  • has his Birthday
  • spent a fixed Amount of money
  • drove a fixed distance (ex. 10 km)
  • bought a total amount of tickets
  • sent a fixed number of feedbacks
  • completed a number of laps (ex. 200 laps) 
  • got a maximum speed
  • collected a total amount of points during the races
  • completed a total amount of reservation
  • collected a total amount of relationships(friend, family)
  • completed a total amount of social share
  • completed a total amount of boosts
  • completed a total amount of overtakes 

Making a reward plan:

The options for rewards are of your choosing, which allows you to be creative. In order to have a smooth experience with the gamification program (due to the number of achievements), you should define a plan with the rewards you want to offer in exchange for accomplishments.

We also provide help with this plan and you are welcome to rely on our Client Success Team for more information.

Set up career levels.

You are able to set up career levels based on points as well. Every batch of points a client gains will allow him to pass to the superior level.

For example, you can configure that after 3 times you got the best times, you get 10 career points and you get the Bronze Level, after other 5 times that you get the best times, you get 30 points and you arrive at Silver Level, then if you win the race for 7 times, you arrive at 50 points and you are at Gold Level

You can link one achievement only to one career/career level or allow it to all careers.

Some achievements can be configured to become available and unlocked only if you got a specific career level.

The possibilities are endless!

Our software is very flexible, which allows us to easily fulfill your requests. For example, you can target the clients based on their membership and the period in which the achievements will work.

You can automatically trigger achievements to clients who spent 200€ in one month. Or congratulate them on their birthday with a voucher for free heat.

The achievement system is able to give automatic vouchers or points to a person that gets the achievement. Once the system triggers the achievement, an email and/or push notification is sent to the client to inform him about the promotion he got. 


It is all about engaging with your clients in a more personalized way that will make them feel special and cared for, thus increasing your profits and returning customers.