Key to Gen Z: Mobile App & Your Karting Center


Nowadays, there are mobile apps for everything and that includes karting centers. 

With the help of their own app, karting centers have discovered how to improve the guest experience while driving revenue inside and outside of their venues.

And the best part? You don’t need to be a tech whizz to offer one to your guests. Read on to see why mobile apps are imperative for your karting center and how easy it is to get started.

Mobile apps make it or break it when marketing to Gen Z

The latest data on family entertainment customer demographics show just how much the industry depends on business from younger customers. A whopping 70% of its clientele are under 25. 

According to a survey by Common Sense Media, 53% of 11 year-olds in the US own a smartphone. That number jumps to 84% when it comes to teens. 

Unsurprisingly, recent research shows ninety percent of teens ages 13-17 have used social media. Seventy five percent have at least one active social media profile, with 51% reporting that they visit a social media site daily. 

The conclusion? Mobile apps and digital marketing play a vital role in attracting and retaining karting centers’ key market demographic. Without them, you risk becoming irrelevant among the client base you need the most. 

The good news? With the right know-how, mobile apps are mutually beneficial to karting centers and their Gen Z clientele. 

Increased guest loyalty via better membership programs

Another advantage of the Activity Box app is the Mobile Membership program. Karting centers can send out special member offers via push notifications, which can be received by non-member app users as well. 

According to Codebroker, 75% of consumers report that they’d interact more with loyalty programs if they could be easily accessed from a smartphone.

Once they’ve downloaded your app, members can easily access their points and review rewards in an instant. You can also use the app to reach members with gamification incentives to make collecting and redeeming membership points fun and exciting. 

Free and targeted marketing by your biggest fans

Activity Box app is the ultimate all-in-one marketing tool for your business. With shareable scores, statistics, and rankings, your guests can automatically promote your business on social media via the best marketing method: Word of mouth. 

Considering how much time Gen Z spends on their smartphone and social media, imagine the impact of this market interacting with and promoting your karting center through digital media.

When your most loyal customers upload their gaming or karting stats onto their social media profile, your karting center will get the publicity it needs, in front of the audience that counts. Their peers will see where they choose to play, and they’ll be able to instantly click right onto your business page and website. 

User-friendly features facilitate workflows for guests & staff

With instant access to online booking and scannable member codes, your guests can easily see which activities are available in real time. Are you staring at a blank reservation schedule on a weekday? Send out time-sensitive flash deals that reach your app users instantly and give them an incentive to book on the spot.  

All users (members and non) can simply scan their phone on arrival to register, pay, and check in to activities. The Activity Box App can also be used to reserve a table and order concessions ahead of time, ensuring less guest wait times and more game time. 

With less time and staff needed to cover registration, payment, and dining services, you can channel your resources into giving each guest an amazing customer experience. This also helps keep operating costs down and optimizes revenue. 

A Mobile app that doubles as the ultimate marketing tool for your karting center

Activity Box App is the marketing manager that never stops working for your karting center. With a simple integration and basic tech knowledge, you can reach more guests while growing your market and revenue. Check out a free demo to see how it can revamp your sales with the click of a button.