Don’t miss out on kids at your karting track

Amongst our clients, kids represent around 10% of their visitors. Since they must be accompanied by adults, the revenue contribution even exceeds that percentage.

One of the biggest concerns of parents is that karting for kids needs to be safe. That is why this is a very important concern for you as a karting manager and for us as well. Defining the maximum number of kid karts in a session is one of the basics, as well as controlling how many adults might be driving with them.

We developed an easy and simple way to limit the maximum amount of adult karts and kid karts in one session.

In our software it is possible to create a family combo product in which you can specify the minimum and maximum amount of kids and adults. You can specify the age group for each entry type and adapt it to your convenience. 

The feature is available in online booking: your clients will be able to book themselves and their kids in a flexible, safe way without them and you have to worry about it.