Automatize your marketing strategy with automatic emails


Automatic emails can help you maintain engagement with your customers when they are not at your venue.

To make sure the email is reaching the right people and will have bigger chances of turning into a conversion, we can separate your customers into specific groups and do different triggered-based emails for each segment.

How we can help you:


Client segmentation 

Segmenting clients is a great way to make sure your promotions are reaching the right audience, by delivering content that is more catered to the needs of the segment rather than sending an email to lots of clients to whom the promotion won’t be useful. For example, if you want to send an email for a kid's birthday campaign, our system can reach out exclusively to the target customers with children.

You can decide to send automatic emails to specific groups of people. You can segment them however you wish, depending on age, the city that they are from, their membership type, the products sold to them, and many more variables!

Email triggers

The emails are programmed to be sent automatically, for instance, on birthdays, with points that customers collect, the last time they were at the track, the moment when a race finishes, number of laps done, among many others.

Email triggers

Design freedom

The emails can be designed as you want!  Afterward, we can have the email templates translated into different languages and they can be sent to a customer based on the language they chose when registering at your venue.

If you also want a voucher, a discount code, a digital gift card, or simply some greeting texts included in an email, there is no problem!

All vouchers and discounts can be applied in our online booking software, for your convenience and to enhance the experience of your customers.

Design freedom

Many options to choose from.

These are some of our default emails, you can share your ideas as well:

  • Welcome emails

  • Reservation confirmation

  • Reservation reminder

  • Race results

  • After visit emails

  • Birthday email

  • Inactivity emails: a “we miss you” message for customers who don't pay a visit after a certain period

  • Expiry emails: send an email to people whose membership has expired or is about to expire

Feel free to share your ideas, we can make sure they become a reality!

Many options to choose from.

We are more than happy to help you get your messages across to your customers! Know more about the configuration of your auto emails.

If you would like to know more about automatic emails, check out our previous blog, and feel free to contact our Client Success Team for a review of your marketing plan or any questions that you may have!