Turn your free WiFi user into Mobile App Customers

One of the best ways to engage with your customers is through the use of your mobile app. This way, they can easily track their activities and book for their next visit. Hence the more customers you get to use the app, the better for you and them.

Most centers also offer free WiFi services at their venues. With a simple trick in your WiFi Router settings, you can easily push the mobile app to your visitors.

Here is where you learn how:

Most Karts Centers have free WiFi hosted by themselves. So it's pretty easy to modify a few settings to automatically open the Activity Box app (if it is installed) or the App Store of their device with the app pre-selected (if the app isn't installed). 

This pushes the Activity Box app because the customer has no chance to pass without seeing the mobile app.

Little guide: 

  • Login into the router of the Kartcenter you are.

  • Navigate to the Wireless section of the router

  • Search for the "guest access", "public WiFi hotspot" or "FreeWiFi"

  • Open the "more settings" option (could be different on other routers)

  • Drop the link in the Section, where the router is automatically directing the users to

    • the link is https://smstim.in/kartcentertag

And that's it.

It isn't magic, but it forces the customers of the Kart Center, even more, to open, use and install the app. 

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