Find out how you can save time on registrations


When it comes to booking large groups for your center, saving time on the registration process is a must!

It is also very important to avoid queues and making your entertainment center safer during the current pandemic is a staple to ensure you can keep running it smoothly. 

And that is something we can help you with!


Easy online registration.

Our system for online registration makes it easy for your customers to register at your entertainment center in an intuitive, quick way, which means a good part of the process is done by the time they arrive at your venue. 

Imagine the difference this makes when you have events for large groups of people!

Our online registration methods include:

  • Online Kiosk

  • Event subscription link

  • Mobile app registration

Easy online registration.

How Online kiosk works:

Online kiosk is our module for quick online registrations made from anywhere your customers might be.

It is a link you can put on your website, as a button, that will redirect the user to the registration process. If you would like to see how it works you can check it here.

You can also share it on social media or get creative and have the link available in QR codes.


How Online kiosk works:

Using the event subscription link:

This is a game-changer for large group bookings! More and more people are willing to go out for activities again given the fact that they will be in an environment that provides safe conditions.

You are able to send an event subscription link to all participants the moment after you receive a reservation by phone. The participants can then proceed to register themselves and that’s it!

You can also customize this event subscription link with a specific name and picture. This personalization improves customer experience. For example, if it’s a company event, you are able to customize the event with their logo, which will make the clients feel cared for.

You can also send this link automatically through an email right when you save or confirm a reservation.

You can find a tutorial here.

Using the event subscription link:

Mobile app registration

The registration is also possible from the mobile app. Your clients just need to download it and they can start the registration process right in their hands.

The app is the right place to have close contact with your customers as they will have access to their profile, change nicknames, update pictures, see and share their results, see their achievements, and more.

Automate the whole registration process and gain time for other aspects of your business while also interacting with customers before they reach your center!

If you would like more information, feel free to contact us.