Self-Service Kiosks: Boost Revenue & Guest Flow


As a karting center owner, you know that guest registration is one of the most hectic components of your business operations. Large parties, the weekend crowd, and unpredictable walk-in numbers can cause chaos at your reception desk. 

But what if your guests could check-in quickly and easily—with limited to zero staff help? In the world of karting centers, self-serve kiosks (we also call it Smart Kiosks) are an absolute game-changer.

Reduce waiting times, maximize guest satisfaction

Now your guests can get in on the action right on arrival. FAST Smart Kiosk guides customers through a quick and effortless registration process. User-friendly touch screens allow visitors to register, select their session, book and pay in a matter of minutes. 

In addition to improving guest flow and reducing staffing needs, self-service kiosks give your karting center a more professional, modern look.

Our Smart Kiosk features:

  • Customized database collection – Capture all necessary guest information without any extra work. All contact details are instantly sorted into your center’s database and easily utilized for record-keeping and marketing purposes. 
  • Customized language options – Nothing gets lost in translation as guests can choose between a wide variety of languages. 
  • Customizable message animations on the screen – Create and display themed animations that grab guest attention and promote all aspects of your karting center.
  • Database building – No more digging for guest data or messy contact lists: Once patrons enter their information, our powerful software automatically processes and sorts all customer details into ready-to-use lists for data analysis and outreach.
  • Cross-selling capability – Display automated promotional prompts such as activity add-ons, equipment/apparel rental or purchase, concessions discounts, and combo deals.
  • Customizable background and colors – Configure an attractive display that represents your center and enhances the guest experience.
  • User-friendly interface – Our automated system guides guests through any transaction through easy-to-use touch screens and simple instructions. 

Self-service kiosks follow a simple check-in process

So, what can guests expect once they’re standing face to face with a Smart Kiosk? We’ll take you through the process. 

  1. Guests will click ‘It’s my first time here’ or ‘I’m already a member.’ (Returning members will scan their card and move to step 6. First-time guests will continue the following process.)

  2. They’ll enter their email and birthdate.

  3. Next, they will be asked to fill in the following details: 

  • First & last name

  • Nickname (this will be featured on their player profile)

  • Postal code

  • Gender

  • Mobile phone

  • Country

  1. Their picture will be taken (this will be featured on their player profile)

  2. They’ll read and sign any waivers (minors must have this done by an adult)

  3. Next, they can add a coupon or voucher (may need to proceed to guest services).

  4. Then they can choose their activities

  5. They’ll pay with either cash or card (cash payments will require exact change).

  6. Finally, first-time guests will be issued a member card which can be used throughout the day and for any future visits.  

It’s that simple: In a few minutes, your guests have registered and paid, all without any help from staff. Better yet, new guests are automatically given a membership card which greatly increases the rate of return visits.

The ultimate self-service kiosk for any karting centers

By making it possible for guests to bypass the service desk and take care of check-in on their own, you improve customer flow and service exponentially. But the Smart Kiosk is so much more than a registration tool. 

Collect waivers and distribute equipment before guests reach their activity

As guests register for their booked activities, they will also be prompted to read and sign all waiver notices. Additionally, they’ll be able reserve and pay for apparel or equipment rental or purchase well in advance of their activity start time.

Now, players arrive to their games completely prepared and ready to jump in on the action. No scrambling to sign and collect waivers or get participants the gear they need. Instead, your staff stay calm and focused on giving your guests the best customer experience possible. 

Issue & redeem vouchers and membership cards

Instead of attending to each patron who enters your karting center wanting to redeem a voucher or coupon, you can simply point them to the Smart Kiosk. Guests can easily scan or enter promotion codes to have their discounts applied at registration. 

Once first-time guests have registered, the Smart Kiosk issues a membership card. This is their ticket to the entire park and can be used for subsequent visits. At any time, they can come back to the kiosk, scan their card, and easily add and pay for any activities or products. Likewise, returning members simply scan their existing card and add anything they need. 

Break free from the service desk and instantly seize upselling opportunities with self-service kiosks


Ready to optimize operations, cut staff expenditure, and boost revenue? Contact us to see how Smart Kiosk can do all this and more for your karting center.