Marketing tips for special offers to boost your sales


Good marketing ideas or special offers can help attract more customers to come to your karting tracks and increase sales for your go-kart business.

Here are some tips that might be interesting. Check our tips for offers and promotions below. 

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  • Open Race Night

Buy one ticket and enjoy racing all night/ a certain period of time.

Customers can just pay a flat rate and play as much as they want during the whole night (or a certain time during the day to boost weekday sales). It is also possible to create a Combo Product to let customers enjoy (un)limited food, snacks, or drinks in the meantime. As a manager/ business owner, you can also give more conditions/benefits, to control the customer flow/ stimulate the customer to spend more.

  • First time discount/free trial

New customers are always fresh blood for your karting business. They may come and try a race at a discounted price. Afterward, they will return if they like it. A smaller amount of discount/ small free trial can attract visitors to come!

  • Dynamic pricing

Prices can be varied depending on the time period: seasonal difference, weekday/weekend, peak hours/ off-peak hours… It sounds complicated and with our software, there is a solution to make it simple by configuring it correctly!

  • Demographic offer

Bachelor parties, students discount, minor/ senior tickets, mama/papa special, kids package deal, couple dating deal,  happy birthday offer, grand prix, endurance race…... Time to order an email campaign to draw their attention! 


  • B2B offer

Do not ignore your business with companies. B2B is also a field you can offer promotions and attract customers, especially during the weekdays off-peak hours. They can also organize team building activities for their staff for a fun & unforgettable experience! 

  • Event/party offer:

Ready to serve a big group of people? No matter if it is a birthday party or a special event, you can organize it with a nice offer. With our event subscription feature within the online booking & Mobile App, it is possible to just send around a link and let all people involved check-in and register in advance!

  • Monthly subscription/ membership program with an unlimited offer:

For people who are big fans of your karting center, monthly subscription/ yearly membership with unlimited offers can be very attractive. If they come a lot, they will also bring friends, family, and other people to join. Why not let them be crazy?

  • Behavior offers:

Loyalty program for loyal customers, make some achievement for customers who finished many races (gamification to make people addicted to your karting track)!