Booking & Sales Hardware

We have certain suppliers for our smart kiosks, receipts printers, bar code scanners, and signature pads. We provide hardware and devices for your POS.


Product specifications

Product specifications

  • Smart Kiosk Console

    We have certain suppliers for our smart kiosks. We don't believe in one size fits all for smart kiosks, that is why would rather give a few options and provide a custom service.

  • Receipt Printer (Epson TM-T88V)

    Epson's TM-T88 is the world's most successful thermal receipt printer. It prints two-color receipts as standard with suitable thermal paper and convinces above all with its high printing speed and its enormous reliability. Proven features such as the simple replacement of the paper roll according to the "drop-in" method and its clear appearance make it an all-rounder at the checkout.

  • Barcode Scanner (Wired/ Wireless)

    A wired barcode scanner is most suited for use on a stationary location, in most cases this will be the Point of Sale. A wireless barcode scanner is best used for employees who are on the move or need a more flexible solution. This can be track marshalls, mechanics, or anyone needing a barcode scanner mobile enough to be used anywhere.

  • LCD Signature pad (STU-530)

    With its 5 '' high-resolution color LCD screen, the STU-530 is the ideal signature pad for use at a POS or customer contact points. It offers a very comfortable drawing experience with an improved, slim design and an ergonomic flat surface. The 1024 pressure sensitivity levels allow signatures to be captured naturally, ensuring compliance with legal standards.

  • Magnetic Stripe Card Reader (MSR 120D series)

    The MSR120D is a USB Magnetic Card Reader series ideal for scanning race licenses. Its compact size can be mounted on a keyboard or any flat surface. The card can be swiped both ways, there is an audible response for a good read, missing data, or a non-successful read.

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