De Haardt Slowdown Hardware

Safety, time registration, and location…  De Haardt is a hardware supplier for go-kart track safety. De Haardt specializes in safety systems for go-kart tracks. See below for a summary of their products.

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Product specifications

Product specifications

  • De Haardt Shutdown Transponder

    The De Haardt shutdown transponder needs to be connected to every kart to receive commands from the SMS-Timing system or De Haardt remote control. By using these transponders we can limit the power or shut down the karts from a distance.
  • De Haardt Remote Control

    The De Haardt remote control allows the track marshalls to have full control over the karts. If the karts have shutdown transponders installed they can use the remote to switch between 4-speed settings or stop the kart completely. This can be done for a single kart, groups of karts, or all karts. 

  • De Haardt Xtra Black Box

    The Xtra. Black Box has multiple functions. It can be used either as a range extender, access point, or timing host. It can extend the range of the Xtra. (Mini) Remote Control up to 300 meters.

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