Fast Positioning

Fast Positioning software is a unique system made to both save costs and increase the leisure experience of your drivers.

It is based on a tracking technology that includes a transponder on each kart and antennas around the track. Our dedicated software can then track in real-time any kart on the track.

Product specifications

Product specifications

  • Real positioning
  • Timing trough positioning
  • Speed control (overall or by sectors)
  • Safety Sectors
  • Dynamic speed increase at the beginning of the race
  • Wrong direction detection
  • Crash detection & light activation
  • Track marshall screen
  • Personal scoreboard
  • Fast TV race display
  • Unlimited split timing sectors
  • Speed rewards
  • Automatic kart assignment (in the pit)

Extra product information

Fast Positioning software is the only real live positioning on the market. We simply don't believe in estimates when it comes to your client's safety and experience at your karting center! 

Let people follow the race on the screen

Live positioning software is currently the best way to follow a race by providing a unique racing experience and competitive atmosphere where racing drivers and the general audience can follow the race with a birds-eye-view.

For a big endurance go-karting race managing the track position of a go-kart or the competitor's go-kart became a lot easier. The best window to refuel, time to enter the pit for drivers change, track control of the drivers.
Let people follow everything detail of the race. On the screen!

Increased safety & cost reduction

Our positioning system is based on real tracking technologies by using a transponder on each go-kart and antennas around your karting track. With it, we are able to monitor the location of every go-kart at all times! 

Unlike other solutions on the market that use positioning by estimating location according to the previous lap-time, at SMS-TIMING we went further and beyond to ensure that not only our software operates automatically as an extra track marshall (reducing staff costs), but also that you reduce potential insurance claims to a minimum. 

Crash Detection

We can precisely detect if a go-kart stopped. This can be used for example to detect crashes. If a go-kart is electric, the stop can be detected very fast. In any case, we can detect if there is a possible danger for one or all the drivers. After the detection of the possible danger, the SMS-Timing software is able to start the warning lights and slow down or shut down the go-kart automatically including go-karts behind the crashed go-kart.

Automatic Slow down

In our Positioning system, we are able to configure automatic slow down of the go-karts on the crucial points of your track. Every track is different, and based on the experience you know what points can be dangerous for clients. We are able to precisely slow down or give more speed to a go-kart when it drives on a specific point. 

You have a new track and you are looking to reduce costs in timing hardware? 

The timing through the positioning software is also possible, contact us for the full extent of possibilities for the SMS-TIMING live positioning software! 

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