Extra product information

Fast TV is our basic software to show the race results, and whatever else you want to display on the background of your screens. You can style the screens to fit your interior design or bring a specific atmosphere to your place.

The Fast TV software for go-kart races revolutionized the communication towards your customers and the ROI of potential partnerships by increasing their visibility.

SMS-Timing provides software that does more than display quality timing results on High Definition TV screens.

Arrive & Drive VS Endurance TV 

The endurance TV is designed for go-kart rental endurance races or competition karting races. With it, people in your karting center will be able to access all the race information that you see fit, adding a more racing environment to the event.

The Arrive & Drive TV has a drivers' picture integration with a high-quality design. All you need to do is set up a webcam at your kiosk registration point, and you will be able to show it wherever you want on the screen.

If you install an HDTV screen in the briefing room, you can display race rules in a short movie that replaces the traditional track marshal's speech. Drivers will receive the message better and you will save time for the track marshal.

FAST TV as an advertising tool

Increase your partner's visibility before, between, or after the races by displaying special offers and promotions to your customers in a professional manner.

It's also a fantastic tool to promote special events with movies or 3D animations. 

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