Fast Garage

The Fast Garage it's more than just software to monitor time and parts. It's a complete solution that will help you drastically diminish your fleet operational costs.

Product specifications

Product specifications

  • Kart Overview
  • Kart Details
  • Karts Parts
  • Import Parts
  • Kart Warnings
  • Kart Tasks
  • Spent Time and costs
  • Vehicle Report
  • Parts Overview
  • Parts details
  • Parts Warning
  • Tasks Overview

Extra product information

The extreme cost saver

The garage software is one of the best tools to help to keep your karts in shape and to control the costs of use.
Keep track of the time spent repairing each go-kart, which parts have been changed or are in stock, and much more. 

Complete go-kart follow-up

Our kart maintenance software has been developed to assist you in optimizing your go-kart costs:

  • Which parts have been changed
  • Monitor the time spent on each go-kart
  • Monitor the total cost for a specific go-kart
  • Plan revision tasks
  • Assign tasks to your staff

The virtual garage software can easily answer all your doubts and questions. By controlling your stock, you know exactly which component is installed on which go-kart, etc.

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