Karting Track Accessories

Give your go-kart drivers the ultimate racing experience with many other accessories that can make your karting track amazing!

Flashing lights, waving flags, as well as big LED screens....... everything that makes your karting track one of a kind!

Product specifications

Product specifications

  • LED Board

    SMS-Timing can provide timing LED board solutions for indoor as well as outdoor karting tracks.

    Suited to your personal needs, we can supply your karting center with high-quality scoreboards.

    When you connect them to the timing software, they allow your drivers and other customers to follow lap times and driver positions. They improve the experience of customers on your track! 

  • DMX light controller/ Light Control Box

    Connected to the SMS-Timing software, the lights can be configured as you wish. For instance: green lights during the race, orange 30 seconds before the end, and red when the race is over. When there is an accident, simply press a button on the remote control and the orange lights will be turned on. Of course, the lights can also be managed manually from the timing software.
  • Race Flags

    This can be fun when drivers see the flags around. It can be also helpful for the track marshal to operate.

Extra product information


  • LED Board

    Show the score as you like it

    There are no limits in numbers, just show it like it fits better for you!

    With SMS-Timing software you will be able to show your timing on virtually all kinds of screens. Use the show board to improve the customer experience at your go-kart track

    Display your lead board as LED or LCD, HDTVs, Older TVs, Projectors, and many others.


  • Race flags

    We recommend these flags for your rental karting track:

    - 1 chequered flag (80x100cm) / Indicating the end of a race.
    - 1 red flag (80x100cm) /  Indicating the race is stopped due to unforeseen circumstances.
    - 3 blue flags (60x80cm) / Indicated a faster driver is behind them and to signal an overtaking.
    - 2 yellow flags (60x80cm) / Indicating to drive with caution, for example, a stopped kart on track.
    - 1 black flag (60x80cm) / indicating an infraction. The driver has to bring the kart to the pits on the next lap.
    - 1 green (60x80cm) / This flag is waved at the beginning of the race to indicate the start.



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