Extra product information

With SMS-TIMING Kiosk software, the experience for your customers at your kart center starts at the moment of registration. It's by far the most user-friendly step-by-step registration system for karting centers in the market.

It can be used with touch screens to make the experience even more convenient and entertaining by focusing on a design that will give your business a stunning first impression and, most importantly, that will fit your brand look and feel. 

How does it work?

All the information collected during the registration process can be utterly configurable according to your needs. For most cases, we suggest our partners the basic information necessary for a proper segmentation in future email campaign requests or automatic email setups increasing the results of your marketing efforts. 

This information will automatically be sent to the point-of-sale. In just a few seconds your staff members will have all the personal information to issue a loyalty card or a mobile loyalty card, depending on the option you feel is more advantageous to your business model. 

This process will allow you to build your database quickly and efficiently, saving your time and therefore, money.

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