Mobile App (Activity Box)

Engage with your clients like never before!

The Activity Box is a powerful marketing tool that will help your brand reach a whole new level.

Product specifications

Product specifications

  • Direct Online Booking access    
  • Endurance Live Timing  
  • Leasure Live Timing       
  • Driver Display    
  • Race Results     
  • Mobile Loyalty Card       
  • Statistics
  • Rankings
  • Achievements
  • Sharing Capability
  • Push Notifications
  • Mobile Kiosk

Extra product information

The Activity Box is a powerful marketing tool that will allow your brand to develop not only new opportunities and to gain awareness but also really engage with your client.

How can the activity box bring all that extra value? 

You can use your mobile app as a way of differentiating your business from competitors by creating a loyalty program around the mobile loyalty card. 

Never underestimate the power of social media sharing.

If done correctly, the sharing capability of the mobile app has the potential to impact people in your client's "circle of influence." This will help you build an additional and relevant audience, and potentially attract them to your track, with no additional efforts. 

The push-notification

When used correctly, it has the power to stimulate your client by targeting the right user at the right time and therefore increasing the conversion rates of your marketing efforts.

Online Booking Access

With the increased consumption of the internet through mobile, it's not surprising that mobile commerce is rising.

By combining the Mobile App with direct access to the online booking platform, you are creating another direct path to extra revenue! 


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