MyLaps Timing Hardware

MYLAPS offers the most accurate sports timing for go-kart tracks. SMS-Timing is a gold member with them. Our Timing software matches with the hardware and there are plenty of choices for you. 

You can always contact our sales representative to give you more suggestions and recommendations.

Product specifications

Product specifications

  • MyLaps Active loop

    MyLaps Active loop is the best loop for rental karting. This loop is used by the SMS-timing software for accurate and reliable timing. Multiple loops can be used for sector timing or to make a pit entry/exit system without the need for positioning.

  • MyLaps TranX 140 transponder 

    AMB MyLaps TranX 140 is the best transponder for rental karting. This transponder is used by the SMS-timing software for accurate and reliable timing.

  • MyLaps X2 Decoder

    The decoder gets information from the loop and uses this to determine the exact time at which each transponder passes the detection loops. The decoder sends this data to the server.

  • MyLaps X2 Server

    The Server is the heart of the system, it receives all the information from the decoder and sends this to the system. After this step, the SMS-Timing system takes over. Our software then translates these laps into an actual race, time trial, or even endurance championship. 

  • MyLaps Tranx3 Decoder

    This Tranx3 decoder does not need to be purchased together with the server. Providing your customer with their performance and progress giving them a goal and that all-important competitive feeling.

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Extra product information

A loop, together with transponders and decoder, is what you need to begin measuring lap times. The loop sits underneath the start/finish line and will react with the transponder to signal the decoder that a go-kart has passed. It makes no difference whether you already have a loop, wants to buy one, or more through us or someone else.

MyLaps is basic and affordable hardware for karting. Simply contact our sales team and we can give you a quotation! 

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