Online Office

Manage your business anywhere you would like with our convenient office software.

Our newest feature allows you to work outside the office without any hassle.

Product specifications

Product specifications

  • Create offers
  • Add products to offers
  • Preview offer
  • Add bills or reservation or invoice
  • Create an invoice
  • Preview the invoice
  • Manually add payments
  • Online payments for offers and invoices
  • History for offers and invoices
  • Templates for offers and invoices

Extra product information

Take this opportunity to invest your extra time in other fields of your business!

Online Office eliminates the use of TeamViewer to remotely control your Office management computer. Working from home has become very important and that is why we created a solution for every active track or venue manager.

Online Office software is perfect for a hands-on business owner or manager that wants to be able to work outside the office without compromise. Making almost everything possible just like with our on-site system. You can even schedule tasks or have a look at how the sessions are being planned.

Regarding sales and administration, we have your back by quickly creating the offers and invoices. Just like in our office module.

You can create reservations, send, and receive payments. Now, online payments for offers and invoices are a reality, and with no extra costs!

Be flexible and prepared, be able to work from home just like you would do in your own office.

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