Sewio Positioning Hardware

Sewio Real-Time Location Systems gives more opportunities to have fun on the karting track. Customers can enjoy live positioning on the screen and enjoy watching the performance of drivers. SMS-Timing is a gold member with Sewio and we can promise to set your installation correctly so you will not have any worries! 

Isn't it cool? Contact us with your karting track layout and we can give you a quotation. 

Product specifications

Product specifications

  • Sewio Positioning Antenna

    The positioning antennas need to be spread over the track to triangulate the position of the positioning transponders on the karts.
  • Sewio Positioning Transponder

    Positioning transponders need to be installed on the karts and can be completely hidden. They also don't need to be on the bottom because they don't need to connect with a loop that is located under the track. They will be triangulation for their position by the positioning antennas.


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