Fast Timing

The Timing software can be used with any timing hardware available on the market, and moreover, you can control everything related to your timing.

Product specifications

Product specifications

  • User-Friendly Kart Assignment 
  • E- Racing Module
  • Electric Kart Speed Rewards
  • Split Sectors
  • Pit-in & Pit-out (Pit stop counts)
  • Slowdown System Integration
  • Notifications
  • Grand Prix Module
  • Light Control
  • Endurance Module
  • Multiple Timing Systems Connectivity
  • Pay & Go System

Extra product information

Our Karting timing software can manage any type of race due to it ́s compatibility with all timing hardware in the world. Most of our inquiries regarding compatibility are with brands like Mylaps, AMB, Chronelec, Bechronized, Chronit, Weer & Tag-Huer. But in reality, we are compatible with all existing brands in the market.  

Control everything related to your racing,  not a single point can be missed due to a defective transponder or anything else with the assistance of the notifications screen.

A strong point of our timing software is the flexibility to work as a stand-alone product, this means that you are able to run operations but without the possibility of collecting important data for your track. But, we always recommend the use of the kiosk to grow your database while improving the experience of your clients at your track. The Kiosk is included starting on the ”Pro package”.

Our latest developments in this product lead us to two key modules that will offer you the opportunity to develop other types of events at your track and with that, important extra revenue. 

Go-Kart Endurance Racing Module & Electric Racing Module. 

Also included in the timing system is the race management module, where you can connect the software with the lights of your track and your ventilation system. 

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