Environmental Statement

On company scale, but also on an individual level, we are committed towards respect for the environment and for the planet in general. Throughout our business, SMS-Timing sets up rules in tune with our ecological motivations. We are talking about simple gestures, but we believe in our positive impact on the general welfare of the society.


Concerning electricity, all lights in our offices are turned off at night and during the weekends. We believe that leaving lights on during the night is nonsense. Also, we try to use daylight as often as possible.
Following the same idea, all computers, including screens, are also turned off at night, instead of putting them in sleep mode. In addition, we always try to open windows when it’s too hot instead of using air conditioners.


The paper is systematically reused. Printed paper that is not needed any longer is kept in a basket to be reused as draft paper; no paper is thrown away having either side unused.
SMS-Timing is also pushing electronic offers and invoices rather than paper offers and invoices. This way, a lot of paper consumption can be prevented.
Because every employee eats at the workplace, we have washable dishes (washed in Bio mode, using less energy and water) instead of using disposable materials. A great waste can be avoided.


All the waste is separated for recycling. Every employee has one trash bin for paper and another one for assorted waste. Furthermore, the glass is separated, to be recycled.
Toner and inkjet cartridges are kept in a special box to be sent to charity (Doctors without borders). Moreover, all the computers have “black & white” printing set up by default. This avoids a lot of colored printing, which is worse for the environment because the chemicals used for color cartridges are really toxic.


As far as transportation goes, we are using bikes as a means of transportation as much as possible.