Online karting management


iNet Silver is an online software package created to automate operations and it's a part of your e-marketing.

It’s composed by several website plug-ins as well as automatic e-mails, very handy for any karting track.

Other iNet packages are available depending on your goals: iNet Bronze and iNet Gold.


iNet Bronze: bring life into your website

It includes 4 plug-ins for your website:

  • The Live timing shows the current race from your track.
  • The Best times are automatically uploaded from the database. The user can sort them by group and time frame.
  • The Track record is a discreet module which displays the best time ever by group. Ideal for every page of your website, below the menu for instance.
  • The Calendar shows the track availability as well as public events.

Live timing karting


iNet Silver: trigger-based email marketing and database continuation

It includes 6 plug-ins and the automatic e-mails:

  • iNet Bronze.
  • Online Kiosk so people can register themselves into your database. This plug-in is visible for everybody.
  • Event subscription plug-in. When you create a reservation at the Point of Sale, it generates a web link which you send to the group responsible. From there on, each participant will register for the event and choose the options he wants (type of food, which activity to do, etc).
  • E-mails that are automatically sent (with the promotion you want) based upon the behavior/profile of each customer: welcome, birthday, customers who didn’t visit you for 6 months, member card expiry warning, Facebook application usage reminder, reservation reminder and many more!

Online registration karting, racehall, Indoor Karting Barcelona, Karting Cap Malo Rennes


iNet Gold: lighten the on-site flow

It includes 6 plug-ins, the automatic e-mails, bookings e-mail and SMS mass sending:

  • iNet Silver
  • The online reservations will save you time by avoiding reservations taken by phone
  • With online payments, your cash flow raises since the money goes straight to your bank account. Web payments strongly decrease chances on reservation cancellations.
  • E-mailing and SMS for massive marketing campaigns (nowadays, don’t forget to segment your database for much better results. Our marketing department will advise you on that)

online booking karting

Please note that the website plug-ins will match the design of your own website. Their 3 HTML code lines make them easily integrated into your website by you or your webmaster.

And if you want to go further, use the power of Facebook and Twitter with iNet Social Networks!

When you visit, you will be able to test them using the online demos! More detailed explanations can be found on this website as well.

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