What is it?

iNet Social Networks


This application connects your business to social networks in a smart and automatic way.

On Facebook, the biggest social network with more than 1 billion users worldwide,
your customers will make the application come alive!


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What are the benefits for your business?

  • Automatic posts on every driver’s page when they start and finish a session
  • Link to your website or Facebook page to generate traffic and 'Likes'
  • Best times comparison between friends
  • Ranking system between friends and all your customers
  • Privacy options
  • Friend-to-friend challenges with personal message
  • Charts and graphs with lap time history and statistics
  • Fully customized in your corporate identity

If you have a Facebook page, the iNet Social Networks application displays the news that you post within your page as a feed.
 If you don’t have a Facebook page, you don’t even have to create one! The application can perfectly function without one. In case you want to create a page but you don’t know what to put on it, feel free to ask us. We know all the do's and don’ts.

iNet social networks, Ranking Facebook, Automatic wall-posts


How does it work?

As any other Facebook application, your customers need to “accept” this application. To subscribe to it, they can use the Facebook option at the Kiosk. By filling in their email address they use for Facebook and password, all available data is imported, including the picture (which will be displayed on the HDTVs!). This way the registration goes faster.

Another possibility is to use the link inserted in the “welcome email”, in case they didn’t want to subscribe via Facebook at the Kiosk (or if they subscribed via the online Kiosk).

The last possibility is to click the link from the race result email.

Then, they’ll be able to enjoy the application while promoting your karting center in a viral way! We also help you with the promotion of the application by creating posters and by setting up the correct strategy.

Our Mobile app also offers statistics and race history. This is another application, which will bring many other advantages to your business. Discover them here!

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