Do you want to secure your customers, employees, go-karts and track equipment? You can easily control the speed of any go-kart individually. Or you can create groups to control multiple at the same time.

kart control system and speed control

The kart control system offers you 4 possibilities for slowing-down go-karts:

  • By the remote control (controlled by the track marshal)
  • By the section beacons (controlled by the track marshal)
  • By the pit beacons (automatically)
  • By the software (automatically – cheaper than with sector beacons)

Remote kart control de Haardt

You simply need to install a shutdown transponder on each go-kart and you are ready to go.

The De Haardt remote kart control kit we supply includes 2 rechargeable batteries and a leather bag. This device is perfect to control the speed of your go-karts from any point on the track.

We also offer the possibility to control your karts directly from the Timing software.


Individual and automatic go-kart slowdown at the end of every session

The pit area is usually the most dangerous area of a karting track. That’s why it is essential to secure it.
Today, SMS-Timing offers you the possibility to slow-down each kart individually right before the pitlane. You simply need 1 shutdown transponder/go-kart + 1 range extender + 1 mini remote.
Our Timing software does all the rest!

What are your benefits?

  • You save a couple of thousand Euros since you don’t have to purchase one sector sensor/go-kart.

Having this solution can also be done by just using hardware: 1 shutdown transponder/go-kart + 1 sector control/go-kart + 1 sector beacon + 1 pitlane loop + 1 remote control.

  • You will stop losing time and money by manually slowing down all karts one by one.

When some karts have just begun their last lap, they won’t have to complete their last lap with a slowed down kart. It allows to finish sessions earlier and to launch next sessions quicker.

  • Your clients will be happier.

They won’t have to drive their last lap slowly.


Special features for electric karts

Thanks to the Range extender, speed upgrades can be automated, depending on the lap time of every driver! This way, you can make your track safer, as rookies can be limited in speed and progressively increase their speed.
This device also gives you the status of the battery of your e-karts.


Mini kart remote control

mini kart remote controlThe mini kart remote control is very powerful and convenient!
With a weight of only 40 grams, the 3 buttons enable you to take control of your entire track just as well as with the standard remote control.

The low price of this remote control allows you to buy one for everyone who works at your track.
Everyone can program theirs with up to 4 functions for every button.
You even have the possibility to select up to 4 tracks (A, B, C and D).


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