Kart Positioning

Kart Positioning

Kart Positioning is a unique system made to provide more safety on your track, to save personnel costs and to enhance the leisure experience of your drivers. This software application works with another transponder fixed on each kart and with antennas placed around your track. It allows to trace each kart accurately and to know who drives which kart. That opens up a world of possibilities!



Increase the safety on your track

Kart Positioning to increase safety on your track.The primary goal of Kart Positioning is to prevent incidents. The best way, by far, to save on kart parts and barrier replacement, is the Crash detection and lights activation features.

When a kart stops on the track, the system will slow-down all karts arriving to that zone and activate the yellow lights automatically. As soon as the stopped kart drives again, the lights are deactivated and there is no more locked speed. In case a kart drives in the wrong direction, all karts will stop and lights will turn on.

The system also gives you statistics on dangerous corners (how many crashes, how long in average a crash lasts) in order to optimize your track layout.

Save personal costs

Kart Positioning to save personnel costs.

The Timing software knows the list of upcoming drivers. The Kart Positioning software knows which karts are ready to be used for the next session. Therefore, the kart assignment can happen fully automatically! And via the Pit Display, the drivers will see their name on the screen with their photo and the kart number they have to sit in!

Thanks to the Crash detection, you will need less staff to manage the track as the system will automatically prevent that incidents grow to bigger proportions. It’s possible to configure a speed lock per member in the Timing software, so your pilots will always drive in all safety. For example, a beginner will unlock a certain speed as soon as he reaches a pre-defined lap time.

Enhance leisure experience

For your customers, the most visible feature of the Kart Positioning system is the visualization on TV screens. In your bar/club house, everybody can follow the exact position of each driver. Combined with the live timing on the HDTV software or on their smartphone, it offers more fun even for non-drivers!

Kart Positioning for your karting center.

The drivers can also feel that their race is more personalized. When a driver passes the scoreboard, he can see his name and photo next to his time.

It’s possible to set up as many virtual loops as you want. Therefore, you won’t need to purchase loops and decoders in order to get intermediate times, wherever you want.


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