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    Timing Package

    Software for karting tracks who want to keep it simple.

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    Operations package

    Software suite for karting tracks who want to manage ticketing and to build a customer database easily.

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    Marketing Package

    Software suite for karting tracks who also want to automate marketing tasks to level up their company image.

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    Management package

    Software suite for karting tracks who want a full solution for their business, from the track to the office.

Timing software

The SMS-Timing karting timing software is very flexible. In addition to accurate timing, you can set up different kinds of races.

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LED Board software

This software has been developed to avoid purchasing a standard multi-line scoreboard.

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This software will make your staff’s sales process smoother.

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Thanks to the Kiosk module, you will greatly expand your customer database!

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HDTV Display

HDTV Display is more than simple race result on TV's.

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iNet Silver

iNet Silver is the ultimate online marketing package for your center!

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iNet Social Networks

The iNet Social Networks is THE perfect tool to create a steady viral marketing around your track.

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Office Light is software made to assist you or your sales person to develop your business via office work.

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Our kart maintenance software has been developed to assist you in optimizing your go-kart costs.

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Mobile App

The Mobile app, entirely customized to your style, will assist you in your daily operations as well as in your marketing and communication campaigns.

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Kart Positioning

Made to increase safety, to save personnel costs and to enhance the leisure experience of your drivers.

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Mobile Marshal

Inform pit marshals with a mobile app to improve the efficiency and safety of your track

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Smart Kiosk


To help you save more than 1000$ every month.

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Additional services
Member cards

Member cards, also called “Track access” or “Race license” cards, represent an essential part of your business.

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The e-mailing still offers the best Return On Investment amongst all online marketing techniques.

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Thanks to our know-how, we are able to provide your center with vouchers.

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Briefing movie

Aren’t you afraid that your track marshals might get tired of doing the same briefing over and over, which leads to an ineffective briefing?

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