Kart start lights

Start lights for karting indoor and outdoorSMS-Timing start lights are unique in the world. We are the only company that is able to provide a set of high-quality kart race lights. Our solution is built with LEDs which assures a long lifetime.
In addition to the high reliability, we can personalize it according to you wishes: you can choose the colors of the lights.

Formula 1 feeling

Thanks to our karting start lights, you will transform your karting track into a real Formula 1 look-alike. When you connect it to the timing software, you can control it the way you like. Upon request, we can make a start light system according to FIA regulations for a Type 2 homologated karting track.

Thanks to the remote control, you can start a race from everywhere on the track (also used for the FIA start). It is also possible to control the lights to warn from a dangerous situation on the track to protect your karting hardware.

Technical data:

  • Application: indoor & outdoor
  • Lights: single-side
  • Housing: double sheet aluminum
  • Measurements: ±45 x 100 cm
  • Front: anti-reflection
  • Dots: 6x red, 2x yellow (amber), 2x green
  • Diameter dots: ±125 mm
  • Number of LEDs/dot: 114
  • LEDs: Ultra bright

Lights control box

Kart track lightingThanks to it's 8 channels, the SMS-Timing's Light control box automatically manages all the lights on your track.
But that's not all! You can start the race from a distance thanks to the remote controls.
Also your ventilation system can be started from the remote. 
Slowing-down the go-karts is also an option. Input/output can be used to activate any electric device.



Connected to the Timing software, the lights can be configured as you wish. For instance: green lights during the race, orange 30 seconds before the end and red when the race is over. When there is an accident, simply press a button on the remote control and the orange lights will be turned on. Of course, the lights can also be managed manually from the timing software.


Although our Timing software can start several races automatically, you can now start them manually from a distance. Very handy when you are next to your go-karts!


Too much CO² in your track area? Press a button to start up your ventilation system. No need to go to the control panel anymore! It's even possible to set up the system automatically through the box, for example  xx seconds before the race starts and stopping it xx seconds after the race ends.

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