Kiosk software for karting


Today, running a karting center without a customer database just makes things harder.

Not being able to email your customers, knowing who they are and gathering statistics on them keeps you away from large additional revenue and customer satisfaction.

That’s why a database has to be built, but in a smart way!


Kiosk software: how does it work?

The Kiosk software is a step-by-step self-registration system for karting centers.

When people arrive in your center, they register themselves to become a member. Every person first chooses a language (if you need this option) and then enters valuable data such as their e-mail address, phone number, birthday and home address. This way, you build a significant database in no time while saving time and thus, money.
In fact, none of your employees have to spend time to manually register customers.


Karting membership system

In exchange of their subscription and to justify the card price, we advise you on the right strategy to set up. For instance, you can reward with a free race for their birthday or allow points gathering so that they drive for free after 10 times. Of course, all is configurable in the system!

Data is now sent to the Booking software. In a few seconds, your employee issues the personal member card to the karting driver. According to your wishes, members can pay for races, food, beverage and other activities using their member card.

All the collected data can be easily used for targeted e-mailings and newsletters within your marketing strategy. If you require even more details, we can set up a customer survey where custom questions have to be answered.


How to use the data of your customers?

Having the data is a first step, but what if you don’t use it? There are many ways you can use the details obtained through the subscription process:

  • Race result emails automatically sent after each race
  • All the race statistics are available on Facebook
  • Automatic e-mails can be sent for their birthday, when they didn’t come for a certain period, when their card expires, etc
  • Their pictures are displayed in HD on the TV screens/projectors


Online registration

In addition to the physical Kiosk, there is the online Kiosk. This tool, fully integrated into your website, allows individuals and groups to register to your database before they even arrive at your karting! As a consequence, they only need to go to the Point of Sale, the day of their first visit, to finalize their subscription and get their card. This saves you valuable time in case of groups or busy periods.


Facebook Kiosk

If you are using our iNet Social Networks, you will get the Facebook Kiosk! The new customers simply have to fill in their Facebook email and password and all the available details are imported. If a customer does not have a Facebook account, he just goes through the classic Kiosk process.


Here are the advantages of such a tool:

  • Registration process is sped up since only a few fields need to be filled in.
  • Customers instantly accept the Facebook application (wall posts when racing, race history, friends challenging etc) and start using it.
  • They will have a lot of fun since even their Facebook picture is imported! They will also appear on the HDTV screens: you will just surprise them!


Registration via smartphone

mobile app kioskAnother possibility to register is done via the Mobile app.
Especially made for groups and during rush hours, it’ll smoothen the registration process.

Customers can also register via Facebook.
Once they registered, the Digital Race License or Track Access is activated.
Therefore, their Smartphone replaces the traditional plastic card.



Portable Kiosk

Portable registration process for kartingIn addition to standard computers (‘All-in-one’ for instance), you can use the Kiosk on a portable tablet!

Ideal when you have a group or a seminar: just make the tablet passing between the participant while they are waiting in a room or having lunch!

They will subscribe into your database in a very innovative way. Even the picture is included!

Facebook Kiosk compatible.


Disclaimer and center rules integrated

Are you tired of providing a paper disclaimer every time a customer wants to drive? There are only drawbacks in this process: paper and printing costs in addition to the time wasted by your employees.

Our Kiosk software will get rid of these annoying details by including a stylish disclaimer screen before people start registering. They cannot proceed to the next step without accepting the conditions. Thanks to the membership system, they only have to sign the paper, which is automatically printed and has all fields already filled out, once when they receive their member card.

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