Customer loyalty

Kart membership systemThe member card is one of the corner-stones of your SMS-Timing package!
In fact, they will considerably help you turning a visitor into a regular customer.
Whether a person comes every week or 4 times per year, we consider that as regular.
When a customer purchases a card, it means he gave you his email address and other useful data (via the self-registration process).
Thanks to that, you can reach him or her by email, SMS, Facebook, etc. Furthermore, you know his race and consumer profiles!


Additional revenue

By working with SMS-Timing, the goal is to sell a card to nearly all clients coming to race (individuals and groups). Thanks to our experience all over the world, we know what the dos and don’ts are. Before the software installation, we will advise you on the best practices regarding the strategy around the card sales. Consider selling the card between €2 and €4 and multiply by the different customers you can have on a busy week-end. You will realize that member card sales will bring comfortable extra revenue!
 For immediate advice on the member card strategy, please check our Facebook page, “Marketing article” section.



Having a member card makes your customers loyal. Using the possibilities of the member cards with the software will make them “super-loyal”! Here are the possibilities, fully automated at the Point of Sale:

  • Credits system (example: buying 10 credits at a discounted price gives 10 karting sessions)
  • Point system (example: each session purchased gives 1 point. At 10 points, the customer can drive 1 session for free)
  • Money on the card (example: load a certain amount and receive x% extra, valid for karting and/or other activities, bar, etc. This also lightens the “spending feeling”).

And of course, being registered in the system allows receiving race results by email, race history and much more of Facebook, receiving promotions and invitations to events, surprises based upon behavior, etc.


Operations improvement and customer satisfaction

Kart membership system

When many customers start to have the member card, your operations become smoother. Instead of entering the name of each single customer, you simply need to swipe the card! You can also avoid printing many result printouts, since they receive them on their phone!

Don’t forget that having the data from your customers means you know them all. Or at least the system does. It means you’ll be able to talk to them about themselves (for example, about how good or bad they drove last time). It takes few seconds and they will be very glad you care about them!


Professional image

Our designers take care of the style of your cards. Based upon your house style, we send you a proposal. A good-looking member cards is easily held in the wallet of your customers, whereas a less nice one will probably end up in a drawer at home. Your card in their wallet means a constant reminder about your track! Also, a professional design guarantees a better company image.


Secured system

Fraud is impossible thanks to the magnetic stripe or the QR code.
When you swipe or scan the card at the Point of Sale, the member picture appears on the screen so you can identify the person.