SMS-Timing demo app


The Mobile application of SMS-Timing is a unique tool in the market. It serves as a Digital Race License, messaging system, live timing tool and much more.

SMS-Timing demo App SMS-Timing demo App




A myriad of tools integrated in this native app

SMS-Timing demo AppUnlike any other app of the market, SMS-Timing offers a native app for iPhone and Android Smartphones that will smoothen your operations and enhance your marketing! In fact, this app is not a small website for phones or just a live timing tool. It includes:

  • A digital Race License
  • A registration process
  • Race statistics and history (even more complete than our Facebook app!)
  • A messaging system
  • Facebook page integration
  • Live timing
  • Smart booking with online payment
  • And any other data you like (contact details, pricing, other activities description, etc)


You can decide which items are free for your customers and which ones require buying the app and thus, the digital Race License. Also, the app is fully customized to your style and brand name.


Digital Race License and Kiosk process

Mobile App kioskThe smartphone of your customers become their card from your center! The new customers can register anywhere and even with Facebook so that the registration proces is faster. Existing customers who want to upgrade from the plastic Race License to the digital Race License can sign in from the app to be authenticated. The next time they visit you, you simply scan their phone, just like you would do with a plastic card.

Using this registration method with groups will help you get the data of the participants: some can register via the online plug-ins before visiting your center, others register when they want via their smartphone and the rest register via the classic Kiosk.


Race statistics and history

Mobile App statisticsYour customers have access to their statistics, race history, race details lap per lap and to their race profile at your track at any time.

This way, they are encouraged to challenge their friends via the app, resulting in more returning visits.
They can also compare their best times via a ranking system to see who is the fastest!



Messaging system and Facebook page integration

Prepare a message via our web configurator and reach all your customers who downloaded the app. You can target the registered customers with a Digital Race License, the ones who registered without purchasing the Digital Race License and the ones who just downloaded the app without registering. Therefore, you can plan different actions per category. Thanks to the “push notifications”, your contacts won’t miss any of your messages!

We also take care of the integration of your Facebook page, so that you can reach customers who didn’t “Like” your page yet. All the posts on your timeline are visible from the Mobile app.


Live from the track

Mobile App live timingAlthough it’s a small and easy-to-setup feature, it comes to be very handy for your customers to follow a race, especially during group events and endurances.

Depending on how customers hold their phone, different data will appear. The timing from the Mobile app is as fast as the timing on your HDTV Display software!




Smart Booking with Online Payment

Mobile App track layoutWherever you clients are: in the bus, at home, at school,... they can assign to any race without a need of calling you. 



Other important data

Mobile AppSince this is a native app, users have access to it offline, at any time.
This way, they can check your opening hours, pricing, go-karts details, explanation about other activities and much more.
We can add anything you want in this section of your Mobile app. This part can be considered as your digital brochure!

With the Mobile app of SMS-Timing, you will definitely be a step ahead of your competitors in terms of modernity. We recommend using this application together with our Marketing package.


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