Mobile Marshal

Mobile marshal is our second foray into the mobile development world. This time we've focused on giving track marshals more information about the race.

mobile marshal smartphone app

Traditionally, pit marshals had to rely on monitors, race clocks, and lights to know the status of the race. Various SMS-Timing solutions exist to help: live timing software on TVs, integration of many different scoreboards and automatic light control actions are only some of the examples.

But the thing is, whenever a marshal has to look at a screen, he’s not looking at the track to see what’s happening. This ultimately results in less safety on the circuit.

So we asked ourselves the following question: how can we inform pit marshals better, in order to improve the efficiency and safety of your track?


We wanted to make some kind of audio system, a program that would warn the marshals about different events just by speaking to them out loud. But we didn’t want to make people invest in expensive, specialized walkie-talkie hardware. So we worked with the hardware they already have: smartphones.

Mobile Marshal is an app for Android and iOS that’s in constant connection with our Timing software.


Notifications via a computer generated voice:

mobile marshal

  • Amount of drivers in the next heat
  • Heat is about to finish
  • Crashes
  • Emergency situations
  • And more…




The notifications are spoken to you out loud in the language you want, with the headphones of your choosing. You can choose which kinds of notifications are important for you, and turn off the rest.