Karting management

Karting management


Office allows you to manage and optimize several aspects of your karting center.

Thanks to Office Light, you’ll be able to set up your voucher and coupon campaigns, to access detailed reports about your business and to book reservations from your office.

Via Office Full, you will also be able to send offers and invoices.


Office Light

Office Light assists you to generate additional revenue by creating and controlling your voucher and coupon campaigns. Also, the reports you can generate help you to optimize your business.


Vouchers and coupons

VouchersIt is a big challenge to keep track of vouchers.
That's why we have developed an ironclad voucher system:
how many are used,
how many are unused,
who bought them,
which employee sold them to who,
how long are they still valid, etc.

When using a voucher, you need to be sure that the cashier cannot cheat. And of course, they can be sold at the Point of Sale.



All kinds of reports can be viewed in this karting management software: financial, member related, vehicle related, employee’s work shifts, stock reports, and much more.


Queries and statistics


A built-in query system with preset queries is integrated into our back office solution. For instance, if you would like to compare Saturdays for the entire year sales-wise, you can launch a query and export this information to Excel.

This is a very powerful tool for pulling statistics and information out of your database that standard reports cannot provide you. It helps you to perform Business Intelligence and to optimize sales and behavior towards customers.


Office full

With Office Full, the objective is double: to save you time in offer and invoice making. Link these documents with the Point of Sale to optimize your reservations and payments.



Create very professional offers towards your customers in PDF format in just a few clicks. These offers include the following most used fields:

  • Payment details
  • General conditions and free text
  • Products
  • Activities (reservations)
  • Number of contestants for races (and other activities with planning)
  • Start of the event (calendar)
  • Briefing
  • When snacks are served
  • Breaks

You create offers in less than a minute thanks to templates. An offer management system is convenient when it comes to knowing when offers will expire and knowing who to call back. Offers can be e-mailed, saved or exported.



We have linked the invoice system to the rest of the business. For example, a group of 50 persons is asking for an offer for many activities and drinks included. While they are visiting, these customers drink more, order some extra snacks, and they go for an extra race. With our management software, you can click a button and an invoice will be generated that combines everything together. Invoices can also be e-mailed, saved to PDF or exported.

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