As soon as you officially become a client, we start the Installation procedure. You will be guided through the preparation of your software installation.

Your Account manager will make sure that all elements are prepared before a technician comes to your place.
Depending on the software package you choose, the technician comes during a few days to install, to configure and to provide you with the necessary training.

The basics of the software suite will be mastered and you won’t be left alone without knowing well how it works.

SMS-Timing karting software


Once the software installation has happened, your Account manager will contact you.
This is the beginning of a fruitful business relationship!
Through the years, you will receive additional training, be explained about new features and will be invited to come to our office to participate in several workshops:

  • technical
  • marketing
  • design

Our main goal is that you use as much as possible from the software package you have!

SMS-Timing software installation